Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we're the three best friends anybody could have

I have the 3 best friends anybody could have monica, leah, & kristi! I never got along with girls and pretty much thought they should die. I also have an older sister and we about killed each other growing up and all my close friends were guys. So I am quiet in shock to say my "best friends" are girls. I love them all to death and am thankful to have them as my friends! I would definitely be in a mental hospital without them. Aside from them always being there for me and all that stuff we share stuff in common such as. . . .

  • GLEE-
  • TV ON DVD (we are the reason FYE is still open, i guarantee that)
  • FAAHEE (monday nights rock with us)
  • just to name a few

My favorite thing tho is the stupid/funny stuff we say. . .

"I don't like you without Dr. Pepper"-leah to monica

"if you lik me pot a hart! notice she didn't pot a hart."

"So i said Kaaaaarina"

"So like, leah what video, are you going to post tonight"

"you know its about miley cyrus cuz she's an actress and is known for what she does on a mattress"
"dear john is suppose to make you think its about John Mayer when she really changed it from dear joe because its really about Joe Jonas."- discussing taylor swifts new songs

"Cinnamon Buns"
"CINNAMON ROLLS!!"- 2 different occasions

"Mike Alger!"-Monica(after seeing him, confused look on leah's face)
"Mike Alger now triumphs shotgun"

"So they have this membership at the yogurt place, that after you buy 10 yogurts you get one free. And then they plant a tree in the rainforest for you in your name! That sold me"-monica

"People don't eat soup in the winter."-Kristi

"How old is she?"-Kristi
"That is SO YOUNG!!"-Kristi
"How old are you?"-me

"If you want good mussels you have to pay for them."-my keen observation

Yes after reading all of them we sound absolutely retarded but that's why we are friend and continue to be friends. I love all of them for saying how it is, all of these girls would give you their last bit of their favorite treat if that is what it took to make your day. they are always there for you through the thick and thin. if you need a compliment they're the first ones to give it to you. Tokens of their love are always shown in some sort of treat haha.
also a shout out to natasha who is pretty much up there with the other 3! I LOVE YOU ALL!! and look forward to more fun times ahead :) Love kgrenk/reenie/sledy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Taylor Swift!

On May 26th my little brother Klancy and I went to the Taylor Swift concert!! I know I know its like October and I am writing about May, but this is my blog and I'll write about what I want to;) haha. I am a super huge fan of her and her music, I love it as well is klancy. So when I heard she was coming to Salt Lake and in May I hands down decided that i was going for my birthday and i was going to take Klancy with me because he loves her and his birthday is in May also, so I bought the tickets. Klancy and I counted down the days, for me since I have been in the school for the past year I NEEDED a break and this was my way to get one. I had heard she wasn't that great in concert but I did not care at all!!
Pretty much everyone was wrong and she rocked it!! It was well worth the money and I plan on going the next time she comes to Salt Lake!! Klancy was so funny he made me take like a million pictures and videos, seriously it was ridiculous sometimes I felt like I was only watching the concert through the camera! I seriously cannot wait to go to her next concert!
This was her last song "Should've Said No"


This is Ricardo, my newly inherited chasity man. See Ricardo is special i met him when I first went to school at the U of U. I lived with 3 other girls Megan, Tabitha, and Maryn who were all previously living with each other when I joined them. They went to Big Lots and were shopping and saw him and it was love at first sight, I m almost sure of it, for Megan at least. Well they decided whoever was single at the end of the year would keep Ricardo and that he would watch the "chasity couch".
At the end of the year both Tabitha and Maryn were married in June, so it was between Megan and I on who got to keep Ricardo. Megan ended up taking him and I was all good with that. . . . thinking I would never see him ever again! That was May of 2006. . . . . Since then Megan has had guardianship and taken excellent care of him (except for the time when she was trying to hoola hoop and ended up knocking him over and breaking him, but she fixed him). Along with that any girl that has lived with Megan and Ricardo ends up getting married 2 years later and in June with the exception of 2, one of the roommates got married in December and the other me, hasn't gotten married. . . . . . So when Megan got married in May she needed someone to give him too and since I was the only one not married she asked me if i wanted him, i gladly accepted. We planned on meeting up before the wedding to exchange Ricardo, but neither of our schedules worked out, so at Megan's wedding dinner I was given Ricardo. Megan telling the story of Ricardo

Most of the girls affected by RIcardo
Oh and whenever someone gets married while living with ricardo their name and wedding date is written on the bottom of him. So now I must keep him until I get married and can pass him onto another roommate, it would be really cool to see him go on forever.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


LOOK I AM BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the shock doesn't kill anyone;)
Life has been like maintained chaos, pretty much. Especially the last monthish, school is going so great and I can't believe I will be graduating in less than 8 months its unreal. It hit me just a little bit when on the last day of the term we made a human clapping tunnel for the graduating class to walk through as the came out of their last class. As they walked out and most were balling and it hit me in 8 months this will be my class, holy cow could it be???? The most exciting thing about this term is that I got a stinking 4.0 GPA!!!! I m amazed still that I did because 2 weeks before finals, something I never thought would happen did. . . . . . . . .

My great grandma stokes passed away at the age of 96:( I always thought she would be around forever live to be over a 100, but I can't say it isn't slightly happy she is now with her husband Dale, who passed away 30 years prior to Grandma Stokes, I still don't know how she did it 30 years without the love of her life. But as my mom put it Grandma loved her family and kept count of all of them, which if anyone came up on her listing all of them would sound like a locker combination, 8-6-5-9-4-5-3-3-3 1/2-2, she knew each of us by name and loved us all. She had the best expressions out of anyone I know. She'd give you a hug and rub your feet, she'd tell you a scandalous story and tell you what she thought. She can't be replaced but she can be remembered :) She taught me that family is everything and you maybe as poor as dirt but as long as you have family you are richer than any man alive. Rest in peace Grandma and I love you!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Jumble of Things

Look everyone I am blogging!!! Don't faint of shock yes its me and I am updating my blog!!! Where do I begin???? For those of you who don't know I started massage therapy school in October and have been in school for just under 3 months. I absolutely positively LOVE IT!! It is tough stuff but everday I learn something new and find more and more that I love about massage therapy. The thing that was hardest was waiting for my dang table to arrive!! I had to wait 7 weeks for it to come and I was dying the whole time wanting to have it to practice outside of school. It finally came just over a week ago, and now I am officially in business. . . . .if anyone needs/wants one just let me know!! I need all the practice I can get!! I will have more stories about school later. . . . . .

My next thing is I get to talk to my brother in 11 DAYS!!!!! I cannot wait its been roughly 5 months since he left and I am dying to talk to him!! 2pm Christmas Day I will be unavaiable to the world until he hangs up. . . . so EXCITED!

I also have a new niece Tegan Noel, she is freaking adorable and one of the best babies. Thats what they tell me anyway. When i get the chance I ll put some pictures up of her and her brother Dillon. I just love playing with him when I go see them he is so full of energy its unbelieveable!! Lets see what else?? Oh I am obsessed with Singstar! It s a kareoke type game for the playstation and I love it!! My roommate monica owns it and lately we have played it every sunday for hours upon end. Just singing our little hearts out and making fun of whoever is sick and trying to sing(last time that was me, and it was more because of my wheezing laugh that I get when I am sick. Apparently its hilarious) Anyway CHRISTMAS Is in 11 DAYS!! Now i just need to figure out what to get Klane for Christmas???

Friday, September 26, 2008

Paper or Plastic??

Working at a grocery store is entertaining to say the least!! So I decided since I have been working there nearly 2 months I would share my observations/stories/insights:
1-No matter what happens the cashier is always at fault and blamed. Case and point----I had this lady come through my line she had quite a large order and then wanted us to find somethings for her, no big deal, then she wanted 5 Rain checks! By this time the guy behind her was starting to comment on how long it was taking, she leaves. Then its his turn and he tells me how I should be more efficient and not cater to anyone(but wanted me to find out several things for him) so as it was winding down I gave him a candy bar which leads to my second point
3- People are lazy---No matter how far or close the shopping cart corral is people will do one of four things A) Put it away*love those people* B) Take it right next to the corral but for some reason can't take it 5 more steps into the corral?? C) Push it far away enough from their car so you don't think its them yet there are no cars within a 100 yards of theirs, oh how sneaky are they or D) My favorite they put the cart right next to there car and hop in their car and speed off hoping you'll think its someone elses cart. We see you and aren't stupid but thanks for the laugh----People you aren't fooling anyone, only proving further how lazy of a people we are!! quit being lazy.
4- If there is a cart that looks like a car, little kids will beg, plead and even throw tantrums to have that cart! Bless those mothers
5-Every pregnant women loves when you ask when they are due, and what it is? If you don't bring it up some will get offended and start to tell you all about it! My problem with that is what if one day I ask a lady and she isn't pregnant??? Then I am in big trouble its a no win situation. And with my luck I would mistake someone who isn't pregnant to be pregnant!
6-If you have a semi unusual name people will comment on it all day long----"Karina? where is that from?(A ballerina, seriously) That's a really pretty name. I know someone with your name. Why don't you spell it with a 'C'?(um hello like I chose how to spell my name talk to my parents, beside I like it with a 'K' what's it to you?) Fav--We're going to name our daughter that especially after meeting you"
7- Always ask for ID on alcoholic purchases----not because any juveniles have tried to buy from me but I had a stupidity moment. This guy came through my line and he was buying some alcohol, and he looked well over 30(If someone looks over 30 we don't have to ID them) so I didn't ask. The gentleman was like "Don't you need to see my ID?" Me"No you look well over 30" Insert foot in mouth right then, whoops. He got all offended and teased me about it. . . .for the record he was 47. . . .well over 30 right??
8-Paper or Plastic? Should not be a tough life altering decision, one or the other NOT A BIG DEAL! So if someone asks you Paper or Plastic choose one in a timely matter of 1 sec! Neither is really helping the environment Paper- you kill trees, but it is biodegradable. Plastic you kill the whales but they can be recycled.
9-12:00AM is closing time not 12:06AM The store closes at 12, the doors are closed don't beg and plead with us to let you because its only 12:06, well we want to go home so its not just 12:06 its 6 mins later plus your shopping time we would have to stay before we can go home, so don't whine to us for you not paying attention to time---go to wal-mart its open 24/7
Well that is it for now I m sure I'll have more stories the longer I work there but that's what ya get right now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Few Thoughts

Why are promises broken?--->Promises are broken so that someone can come along and show you how to trust
Why do people change?--->People change for good and bad, but the only change you can control is within you
Why are hearts broken?--->Hearts are broken so they can become stronger, and so that one day you can recognize true love
Why do friendships end?--->Friendships end for one reason or another but, when old friendships end its the perfect time for a new one to begin.
Why don't we realize what we have til its gone?--->We are human, we get comfortable so we lose people and things in our life to help us to be grateful